Departmental Bulletin Paper 神経性無食欲症傾向の高い女子大学生の自己不一致について : 描画を用いた検討
Regarding the self-discrepancy of female university students with high anorexia nervosa tendencies : A study using drawings

森, 優衣  ,  石田, 弓

(15)  , pp.163 - 178 , 2016-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
An individual diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa displays symptoms of a fear of becoming fat, a desire to be thin and a distorted body image. The existence of people with anorexia nervosa tendencies (AN tendencies), who partially display the symptoms of anorexia nervosa, has also become a problem due to the generalization of diets in recent years. Since AN tendencies are common among females, it has been suggested that it is related to female gender roles, bot the type of female that is idealized has not been objectively tested. This study examined which female body type is idealized by female university students who display high AN tendencies. In the first study, a questionnaire survey was conducted to clarify the relationship between AN tendencies and "self-discrepancy," which is a discrepancy between the ideal self and real self or the ought self and real self. In the second study, "Ideal and real self-image drawings" were conducted to examine the self-discrepancy expressed in drawings. As a result, no relationship between self-discrepancy and AN tendencies were found in the questionnaire survey. However, examination of the drawings suggested that female university students who display high AN tendencies tend to idealize a body type that is not entirely skinny, but emphasizes female sex appeal, and have a large discrepancy with their real selves.

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