Departmental Bulletin Paper いじめられた体験を通した自己成長感を促す他者からの支援
Support from helpers promoting feelings of Self-Growth through experieoces ofbeing bullied

小早川, 茄捺  ,  杉村, 和美  ,  石田, 弓

(15)  , pp.147 - 162 , 2016-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
Experiences of being bullied exert long-lasting effects on victims; however, such effects are not only negative, as positive ones have also been observed. This paper focuses on the positive effects of experiences of being bullied, defining them as feelings of self-growth. This study conducted a survey of university students, asking them to recollect their past experiences of being bullied. The preliminary research created a "support from helpers scale," using free descriptions to clarify the support that victims of bullying actually received. The main research, conducted via the questionnaire method, questioned what types of help from people around them were useful for healing their inner psychic trauma and for developing feelings of self-growth through the bullied experience. Results show that proactive forms of help from others, such as "creating a safe space for victims," "opposing bullying," and "giving advice," were more useful than passive forms of help, such as "consoling" or "listening to victims' stories."

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