Departmental Bulletin Paper 口頭説明の伝わりやすさを高めるための指導方法の検討 : 対面説明場面における説明者による聞き手モニタリングの促進
Improving method of listener monitoring by elucidator in the face-to-face explanation

田中, 光  ,  山根, 嵩史  ,  赤松, 聡美  ,  難波, 修史  ,  日原, 尚吾  ,  中條, 和光

(15)  , pp.81 - 92 , 2016-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
In this study, we have developed teaching methods to improve transmission efficiency of messages in face-to-face explanation. In the current school education system, to improve communication skills of students, the opportunities for students to carry out group work and class presentations are increasing. In general, imparting information is easier with face-to-face communication than in the situations where one cannot see the face of the listener. However, in face-to-face communication, it has been reported that it is possible that the degree of understanding has been overestimated, based on the face of listener. Therefore, it is considered that the efficiency of communication improves by directly asking the degree of the listener's understanding, regardless of the listener's face. In this paper, we used a task which listener draws a geometric figure by listening elucidator's verbal explanation and studied teaching methods improving the metacognitive monitoring of elucidator, especially confirmation to the listener. In the experiment, participants were divided into two groups. One group performed reflection of their explanations by using the checklist for metacognitive monitoring after explaining, and repeating the explanation. Another group repeated explanations without reflection of their explanations. We compared the two groups about their frequency of confirmation to the listener in the second explanation. As a result, the frequency of confirmation increased with reflection with the checklist. This result suggested that using the checklist as a teaching method is effective for improving the efficiency of communication.

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