Departmental Bulletin Paper 小中学生の学習観特性の差異を踏まえた学習支援に関する一考察 : 友人との学習活動を参照しながら
A Study on Learning Support due to differences in Elementary and Middle School Student’s Conceptions of Learning : Referring to Learning Activities with Friends

野中, 陽一朗

(9)  , pp.109 - 115 , 2016-03-16 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科学習開発学講座
For the purpose of considering “leaning in the 21st century”, this article examines learning activities with friends due to differences in elementary and middle school student’s conceptions of learning. The participants, fifth, sixth, and ninth graders (N=327), completed a questionnaire that assumed conceptions of learning, and a questionnaire that assumed learning activities with friends. Those participants were featured via ward method cluster analysis from the 5 aspects that was (a) understanding, (b) rote learning, (c) obligation, (d) depending on school, and (e) school stage. As a result, the author classified the 327 participants into 3 clusters. Each cluster showed a characteristic that reflects the results of the student’s conceptions of learning. Each ANOVA revealed that significance differences of learning activities with friends between clusters on help-giving and reciprocal learning. On the basis of the result of this study, the author discussed the learning support or education methods and techniques on leaning in the 21st century.

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