Departmental Bulletin Paper ブルーナーの教育論に関する一考察(5) : 第二次世界大戦後に焦点を当てて
Study of Bruner’s Educational Theory (5) : Focusing on After World War Ⅱ

今井, 康晴

(9)  , pp.93 - 99 , 2016-03-16 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科学習開発学講座
This study examined the formation process of the education theory of Bruner from his autobiography. In this paper, I focus on After World War Ⅱ . After the war, he began again the study of psychology. The main point of view, was the world of psychology called World Three. It is, in psychology with a focus on culture, Bruner was studied this. This paper examined the relationship between Bruner and World Three.

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