Departmental Bulletin Paper 家庭教育支援における地域教育経営の拠点性に関する一考察
A Study on the Base of Educational Management in Community to Support Home Education

藤井, 瞳

(9)  , pp.83 - 91 , 2016-03-16 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科学習開発学講座
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate what kind of function OKATO pursued in the Kominkan as the base of Educational Management in Community. The following 2 results were obtained through this study.Firstly, in addition to the conventional functions of “gathering”, “learning”, and “connecting”, OKATO (1997) found 5 functions in the Kominkan: ① Communication adjustment between facilities which offer education and learning in the area, ② Function to propel networking of education-related businesses, ③ Function as a learning information center, ④ Function to provide learning consultation, and ⑤ Function as the base of "Community Educational Management" where residents can manage autonomous learning for their lives.Secondly, the following five conditions should be included in the base of Educational Management in Community according to OKATO’s theory : A) It should be a place residents are familiar with, centrally-located and with good traffic connections in the everyday life sphere, B) It should have sufficient facilities and equipment to offer education and learning, C) There is staff to encourage the learning of residents, D) It has been provided educational content to attract people, and E) It has a function that communicates with residents and reflects their will in management.

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