Departmental Bulletin Paper 歌唱における学習過程の再考(2) : ブータンの掛け合い歌をてがかりにした実践開発 <論文>
Reconsideration of the Learning Process in Singing (2) : Development of Lessons Referring to Singing Dialogues in Bhutan <Article>

権藤, 敦子  ,  明道, 春奈  ,  伊野, 義博  ,  加藤, 富美子  ,  黒田, 清子  ,  永井, 民子  ,  山本, 幸正

(4)  , pp.15 - 27 , 2016-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科初等カリキュラム開発講座
To establish a foundation for people to remain involved in musical culture throughout their lives, we sought to find new directions for music lessons at school, referring to the results of a field survey of the Bhutanese tsangmo singing dialogue. In this study, we focused on the present state of tsangmo in radio broadcasting and school events. After referring to Bhutanese singing culture, we applied its dialogue style in music lessons for the lower grades in primary schools. By sharing the meaning and using familiar forms of the song text and melody, children were able to communicate with each other and showed the capacity to develop new learning processes in the playful singing dialogues. This approach may offer us a key to reconsidering the free expression of one's feelings through singing.

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