Departmental Bulletin Paper Influences of riverside vegetation on the health of ‘Gogi’ char <Article>

Kawai, Koichiro  ,  Tada, Shohei  ,  Saitou, Hidetoshi

(7)  , pp.15 - 19 , 2015-12-25 , 広島大学総合博物館
Relationships between the riverside vegetation and the health of a subspecies of Japanese common char, Salvelinus leucomaenis imbrius (‘Gogi’) were studied in the Chugoku Mountains. The densities of riverside vegetation comprising deciduous broad-leaf and evergreen coniferous trees, food environments comprising benthic and flowing aquatic animals and falling terrestrial animals, and the relative liver weight of char were examined. It is suggested that a high density of deciduous broad-leaf trees provides a good food environment, resulting in sound health of Gogi char.

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