Departmental Bulletin Paper コーパスを活用した談話辞の語法研究 : Absolutely とその類義表現について <論文>
A Study of English Synonyms Using Corpus Data : The Discourse Particle Absolutely and Its Synonyms <Article>

山本, 五郎  ,  井上, 永幸

10pp.25 - 34 , 2015-12-31 , 広島大学大学院総合科学研究科
This paper aims to examine the meaning and use of the discourse particle Absolutely, particularly in comparison with its synonyms Certainly and Definitely. The adverb absolutely is often used without a modified syntactic head in English oral communication. Previous studies have indicated that Absolutely is synonymous with Certainly and Definitely in its use as a discourse particle. However, the synonymity of these words has not been well documented in extant studies. Using two corpora, WordbanksOnline and ATEM Kansai Movie English Caption Database, this paper elucidates the pragmatic features of these discourse particles, focusing on factors such as discourse situations, interlocutors’ relationship, and collocational limitations.

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