Journal Article 「真正な実践」研究入門 : 価値(哲学)領域の読解を事例にして

池野, 範男  ,  福井, 駿

(2)  , pp.1 - 10 , 2015-03-31 , 学習システム促進研究センター (RIDLS)
School teachers not only use and apply the work of professional scientists (researchers), but they also attempt to find a way that these scientists (researchers) could assist in the learning that school teachers advance, with the aim of understanding the process of learning of one individual and applying that understanding. This series of the study on “Authentic Practice” involves teachers learning research studies conducted by professional scientists as a study of teaching materials. From this newfound understanding, this series aimed to develop a system to elucidate and translate the process of “learning” of an individual professional researcher. This article describes the aims, procedures, and overviews of the study on “Authentic Practice”, and serves as an introduction to the subsequent studies. Each of the study will construct the process of “learning” of a professional scientist through the analysis of that scientist’s published work, reconstructing the process as “Authentic Practice.” By elucidating the “Authentic Practice” that these scientists advance in their given academic field, these studies aimed for school teachers, beginner teachers, and teachers in training to be able to apply the findings.

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