Journal Article Sarcotaces sp. (Copepoda: Philichthyidae), a parasite of a blacktip grouper, Epinephelus fasciatus, from off the Ryukyu Islands, southern Japan

Nagasawa, Kazuya  ,  Uyeno, Daisuke  ,  Toda, Minoru

17pp.103 - 106 , 2015-09-20 , 日本生物地理学会
Specimens of the philichthyid copepod Sarcotaces sp. were collected from gall-like cysts formed in the trunk and peduncle muscles under the skin of a blacktip grouper, Epinephelus fasciatus (Forsskål, 1775), from off Amami-oshima Island, the Ryukyu Islands, southern Japan. This finding constitutes the first record of copepod of Sarcotaces from the Ryukyu Islands. As many as eight cysts, each containing a large adult female, a dwaf adult male, and many eggs and nauplii of Sarcotaces sp., were observed in this fish.

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