Journal Article Argulus coregoni (Branchiura: Argulidae) parasitic on the torrent catfish Liobagrus reini in Japan

Nagasawa, Kazuya  ,  Ishikawa, Takanori

17pp.99 - 102 , 2015-09-20 , 日本生物地理学会
An adult male of the argulid branchiuran Argulus coregonis Thorell, 1864 was collected from the body surface of a torrent catfish Liobagrus reinii Hilgendorf, 1878 (Siluriformes: Amblycipitidae) in the Aga River, a tributary of the Agano River, Fukushima Prefecture, central Honshu, Japan. This is the first record of A. coregoni infecting the amblycipitid fish as well as a new host record for the species. This collection also extends the distributional range of A. coregoni from Tochigi Prefecture northward to Fukushima Prefecture and is the first record of the species in the Tohoku Region of Japan.

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