Departmental Bulletin Paper 園内研修における質的アプローチの活用可能性 : KJ 法とTEM に着目して
The Possibility of Using Qualitative Approaches for In-School Teachers’ Development in Early Childhood Education and Care : Focus on the KJ method and TEM

中坪, 史典

The purpose of this study is to determine the utilization possibility of qualitative approaches regarding in-school teachers’ development in early childhood education and care. In particular, findings of previous studies on the utilization possibility of the KJ method and TEM were reviewed. Previous studies indicated using the KJ method during in-school teachers’ development seemed to improve the understanding of young children and how to support them, plus communication and teamwork were promoted through collaboration with colleagues. In-school teachers’ development using TEM seemed to promote the understanding of the precious experiences of young children. Using such qualitative approaches, therefore, seems to provide a teacher with insight into a young child by trying to see his/her experiences within a real-life context, including the young child’s surroundings and influences, both social and cultural. Through qualitative approaches, required components for in-school teachers’ development in early childhood education and care, such as teachers’ reflections, the understanding of young children, and shared vocabularies and emotions, seem to be induced by sharing tasks with other colleagues.

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