Departmental Bulletin Paper 知覚されたサポートは外傷体験の影響を緩衝し得るか : 外傷後ストレス反応と解離傾向に着目して
Can Perceived Social Support Buffer Trauma Impacts? : On the Outcome of Posttraumatic Stress Responses and Dissociative Tendencies

池田, 龍也

This study investigated the ability of perceived social support (PSS) to buffer traumatic stress impacts by measuring posttraumatic stress responses (PTSR) and dissociative tendencies. A total of 163 undergraduate students (60 males and 103 females) were classified into traumatic (n = 23) and non-traumatic (n = 140) stress groups. Concerning dissociation on the basis of objective variables, the results of hierarchical multiple regression analysis indicated that PSS had a buffering effect. Concerning PSTR, however, the results of the same analysis indicated neither a significant nor direct effect of buffering. These results suggest that there are different mechanisms between dissociation and PTSR. Therefore, this study has determined that clinicians should make eff orts to distinguish between dissociation and PTSR so that they are perceived as supportive by their clients.

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