Departmental Bulletin Paper 私立大学の学部学科編成の変化 : 人口動態と産業構造との関連の分析
Changes of Department Structures in Japanese Private Universities : An analysis of influence of demography and industrial structure

山崎, 博敏  ,  伊藤, 一統  ,  作田, 良三  ,  水野, 考

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the changes of department structures in Japanese Private Universities between 2000-2015. Size and departmental organization of all education and childcare as well as engineering school/colleges were analyzed. Generally colleges of education and childcare field expanded their size due to big demands for teachers and childcare workers. It was found that organizational structure were influenced mainly by the location of the institutions. Engineering schools in metropolitan areas expanded their size and number of departments. Smaller colleges/schools in provincial areas tended to changes their structures more. They decreased their capacity of engineering schools and created new schools/colleges other than engineering more. These results imply the strong influence of the demographic factors and the selectivity of the institutions. Prospect of provincial colleges/schools are discussed.

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