Departmental Bulletin Paper 話し合い学習指導における振り返り教材開発 : 全体凝縮型文字化資料の特性の検討を中心に
The Development of Instructional Material on the Education of Discussion : Focus on the recapitulative transcript

上山, 伸幸

In this paper, I considered about the instructional material on the education of discussion in Japanese class. In this case, I focused on the recapitulative transcript for use on post-discussion. First, I reviewed previous practice examples. These were written by Yamamoto (2003), Sakamoto (2004b), Ito et al. (2007), Yamamoto (2009), Hase (2013), and Ueyama (2015a, 2015b). I pointed out the recapitulative transcript had three aspects: visible, panoramic, and compelling. Then I analyzed the material I developed in 2013 for experimental instruction with 4th year children. I clarified some activities from the use of the recapitulative transcript as follows, to confident about the statement, to analyze process of discussion, to infer cognitive processes from statement, to utilize available strategies to rectify problematic points.

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