Departmental Bulletin Paper 地理教育における持続可能な開発のための教育 (ESD) の動向
Impacts of Education for Sustainable Development on Geographical Education

阪上, 弘彬

The purpose of this paper is to clarify how Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) plays important roles in the reformation of geographical education. In this study, I analyzed the past and current conditions of geographical education with regard to ESD. Since geographical education was introduced in schools, it has seen various turning points and improvements. Geographical education has always emphasized its value in each society and nation as a means of helping students understand the world, contribute to global understanding, and improve their local communities. Because the aim of geographical education, including its contents and function, is to interconnect the natural and social sciences, geography makes a significant contribution to sustainable society. Recently, ESD or its concepts have been built into geography curricula. I clarified the following: 1) geographical education is strongly influenced by ESD, because geographical education has a close relationship with the educational policy of UNESCO and 2) the educational conditions of each area have various impacts on geographical education.
本研究は,平成27年度科学研究費補助金(特別研究員奨励費: 15J05938)「ESD の視点を入れた地理教育改革に関する研究」の成果の一部である。

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