Departmental Bulletin Paper WebGL を用いた天体学習用3D教材の開発
Development of 3D Teaching Materials for Learning Motion of the Moon Using WebGL Programming

吉冨, 健一

In earth science education, it is very important to understand about appearance changes of the moon in accordance with relative position to the sun. In order to promote students’ spatial concept, it is necessary to understand moon’s revolution by observing themselves. Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep up observation, since the moon’s visible position is gradually change during 30 days, and opportunity of observable fi ne weather is limited. If such motion and appearance changes of the moon can be displayed on the tablet, and students can freely operation with fingertip, its understanding will be made possible. For this purpose, we have newly developed teaching/learning materials, especially of earth science. Here, the method of reproduce 3DCG shows the movement of moon using WebGL programming with JavaScrit libraries like Away3D, being helpful for learning motion of moon, is explained.

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