Departmental Bulletin Paper 三次市吉舎町海田原29号墳の測量調査 <考古学研究室の調査研究: 研究ノート>
Topographic Survey of the Kaidahara Tumulus No. 29 in Kisa, Miyoshi City <Research and Studies at the Department of Archaeology: Research Note>

平尾, 英希  ,  池西, 美咲  ,  貝原, 賢哉  ,  香坂, 亮  ,  平本, 直幹  ,  福地, 祥平  ,  福元, 隆希  ,  向井, 涼平  ,  渡邊, 直宝

(7)  , pp.93 - 108 , 2015-07-30 , 広島大学大学院文学研究科考古学研究室
The Kaidahara Tumulus No. 29 is a scallop-shaped burial mound located near the Kisacho area of Miyoshi City, Hiroshima prefecture. As part of field training for the twenty-fourth annual class of archaeology majors at the Hiroshima University School of Letters, we conducted a topographic survey of the area with the aim of creating a detailed survey map of this mound, and to clarify the ranking of Kaidahara tumulus No. 29. The results of this survey indicated that this tumulus is a scallop-shell kofun burial mound, 29 m in length and was constructed in the middle of the 6th century CE. Additionally, we proposed the hypothesis that this tumulus was constructed using the same mound-building techniques as in the case of the Kaidahara tumulus No. 20. Further, we discovered a trend in the scallop-shaped tumuli of the region upstream of the Basen River, whereby, over time, the size of square shaped mounds grew in relation to the round ones.

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