Journal Article Direct spectroscopic evidence of photoisomerization in para-methoxy methylcinnamate revealed by low-temperature matrix-isolation FTIR spectroscopy

Miyazaki, Yasunori  ,  Inokuchi, Yoshiya  ,  Akai, Nobuyuki  ,  Ebata, Takayuki

6 ( 7 )  , pp.1134 - 1139 , 2015-04-02 , American Chemical Society
The photoisomerization of para-methoxy methylcinnamate (p-MMC) has been studied by low-temperature matrix-isolation FTIR spectroscopy. In particular, the difference spectrum of mid-IR frequency region (1100-1800 cm-1) allows us to distinguish the structural change before and after ultraviolet (UV) light irradiation at ≥300 nm and to convince that the cis-isomer is produced from the trans-isomer by comparing with the calculated IR spectra. Additionally, a reversible isomerization of p-MMC is demonstrated upon a sequential irradiation with different wavelengths of UV light. These findings provide a new insight of the electronic excited state dynamics of p-MMC.
This is a preprint of an article published by American Chemical Society in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2015, available online:
This work is supported from Japan Society for the Promotion (JSPS) through a Grand-in-Aid project (No. 25410017).

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