Departmental Bulletin Paper 判断基準の可視化によって思考を深める社会科公民的分野の授業開発 : トゥールミン図とICTを利用した生徒間交流を重視した学習のイノベーション
The development of lessons for civics to make students's thought deepen through the visualization of the criteria : The lesson innovation to focus on the exchanging between students making use of Toulmin charts and ICT

迫, 眞也  ,  小原, 友行  ,  草原, 和博

46pp.27 - 33 , 2015-03-18 , 広島大学附属東雲中学校
In the pedagogy of social studies focused much on knowledge nowadays, it is important to deepen students' thought about their ways of social thinking. This research aimed to reveal if we could grasp how much students deepen their thoughts through the lessons that students make Toulmin charts and express their opinions about a topic of the lesson using ICT. As a result, students' thoughts based on some facts as well as a single fact were shown from their answers on the handout used in the research lesson, although the differences were found out because of the contents of the lessons. From this consequence, Toulmin charts offered to make students' thought deepen, especially in the lesson of determination of students' intents with some data easy to use and if not, by keeping using the Toulmin charts.

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