Departmental Bulletin Paper 古典を主体的に読むための指導法の研究IV : 「推論する」活動を取り入れた漢文指導の実践
A Study of Instruction to Make Students Read Classics Actively IV : The practice of the instruction of Chinese classics with the deductive activity

浜岡, 恵子  ,  山元, 隆春

46pp.19 - 26 , 2015-03-18 , 広島大学附属東雲中学校
The purpose of this research is to inspect these two things. First, it would be effective to introduce the deductive activity into the learning of Chinese classics in order to enhance students' interest and motivation to learning. Second, understanding the structure of Chinese words would offer the effective Japanese reading of Chinese words and the comprehension of the contents. When the students try to read unpunctuated Chinese texts which were shown, the enhancement of their motivation to try to express the writer’s feeling and action with their words freely by letting them have the deductive activity was found out. Besides, through the introduction of the learning to understand the difference of the structure between Chinese words and native Japanese words at the beginning of the unit, the students come to read kanji characters considering the functions as well as the meanings, which could offer the understanding of the scenes thinking of the link between words when they read unpunctuated Chinese texts.

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