Departmental Bulletin Paper Ten Cases of Colovesical Fistula due to Sigmoid Diverticulitis

Miyaso, Hideaki  ,  Iwakawa, Kazuhide  ,  Hamada, Yuki  ,  Yasui, Nanako  ,  Nishii, Gou  ,  Akai, Masaaki  ,  Kawada, Kengo  ,  Nonoshita, Takashi  ,  Kajioka, Hiroki  ,  Isoda, Kenta  ,  Kitada, Kouji  ,  Nishie, Manabu  ,  Hamano, Ryosuke  ,  Tokunaga, Naoyuki  ,  Tsunemitsu, Yosuke  ,  Otsuka, Shinya  ,  Inagaki, Masaru  ,  Iwagaki, Hiromi

64 ( 1-2 )  , pp.9 - 13 , 2015-06 , Hiroshima University Medical Press
Colovesical fistula (CVF) resulting from colon diverticulosis is a comparatively rare disease, and neither the diagnosis nor treatment has been established. Our experience with CVF due to sigmoid diverticulitis over a 9-year period was reviewed to clarify the clinical presentation and diagnostic confirmation. Ten patients with CVF were identified in this period, and chief complaints, laboratory findings, presenting symptoms, diagnostic investigations, and subsequent treatments were reviewed. Preoperative urinalysis showing bacteriuria (100%) was the most common presentation, followed by fecaluria (40%), abdominal pain (40%), pneumaturia (30%), hematuria (30%), pain on urination (30%), pollakiuria (10%), and dysuria (10%). The abilities of various preoperative investigations to identify CVF were: computed tomography (CT), 88.9%; magnetic resonance imaging, 40%; cystoscopy, 30%, and gastrografin irrigoscopy, 22.2%. Colonoscopy (0%) was not diagnostic. Bowel resection was performed in nine of ten patients. When inflammation was intense, covering ileostomy was performed, and an omental plasty was placed between the bowel anastomosis and bladder. When CVF is suspected, we recommend CT followed by colonoscopy and cystoscopy as a first-line investigation to rule out malignancy as a cause. Other modalities should only be used if the diagnosis is in doubt or additional information is needed to plan operative management. Primary colic anastomosis appears to be safely performed by applying omental plasty and covering ileostomy.

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