Departmental Bulletin Paper 世界で活躍する科学者を育成するための教育に関する研究(Ⅱ) : 求められる能力や態度の明確化と教材化
The Education of Next-Generation Scientists Who Can Take Active Global Roles (II) : Identification of the Required Abilities and Attitudes and the Development of Teaching Materials

丸本, 浩  ,  長沼, 毅  ,  三好, 美織  ,  沓脱, 侑記  ,  岡本, 英治  ,  小茂田, 聖士  ,  山下, 雅文  ,  西山, 和之  ,  田中, 伸也  ,  林, 靖弘  ,  間處, 耕吉  ,  平賀, 博之

(43)  , pp.317 - 327 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study designed a class to educate the next generation of Japanese scientists, supporting the development of an advanced science and technology oriented nation. First, we explained the necessity of global human resource development to junior and senior high school students by describing the experiences of Dr. Naganuma, a scientist playing an active role in the scientific world. Next, we designed teaching materials using Dr. Naganuma’s lectures to stimulate students’ interest in and attract them to the study of globalization. The results showed that the use of these teaching materials had the desired effect on many of the students.

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