Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語表現の効果的な指導のための工夫
Effective Methods for Teaching “English Expression”

久松, 功周  ,  松浦, 伸和  ,  小野, 章  ,  池岡, 慎  ,  川野, 泰崇  ,  千菊, 基司  ,  多賀, 徹哉  ,  林, 典代  ,  松島, 浩司  ,  幸, 建志

(43)  , pp.309 - 316 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The aim of this study is to demonstrate appropriate teaching methods for cultivating students’ ability to write passages in a style suitable for a particular audience and purpose. In the class, students learned the basics of English composition as well as how to attract the interest of readers and how to write in a persuasive style. The results indicated that the lesson taught the students how to write passages implementing their learning.

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