Departmental Bulletin Paper リーガルマインドの視点から国際的な資質を育成する社会科学習(2)
Fostering competence in the global disposition through social studies based on the legal mind (2)

柳生, 大輔  ,  棚橋, 健治  ,  木村, 博一

(43)  , pp.263 - 272 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The purpose of this study speaks grounds to hear the opinion of the person except oneself concretely and comes to be able to discuss. I understand the law that is connected to it and the concrete problem, while being careful about values such as freedom, equality, and fairness. I paid attention to a new right, “deciding by oneself,” based on “constitution Article 13”: It must be the person, the patient, who decides when to die. I explained this right to a patient carefully, who understood it and explained how it is necessary to express one’s true feelings. In relation to the viewpoint of “the legal mind,” which is based on “legal literacy,” which is demanded to bring up international nature, this experience is important. I considered this matter by considering the Japanese case, which led me to think about “active euthanasia” and, in what I judged, was able to arrange one’s thought. I contemplated whether “active euthanasia” might be accepted in Japan. Furthermore, I was able to understand that it was made more desirable to society by posing it as considering the opinion of the concerned person. I will repeat the practice in future. Moreover, a junior high school student wants to develop the curriculum to improve teaching about the “legal mind.”

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