Departmental Bulletin Paper メタ認知による「美術への関心・意欲・態度」を育む指導と評価の改善 : タキソノミーテーブルを活用して
Enhancement of Instruction and Assessment using Metacognition to Foster “Interest, Willingness, and Positive Attitudes toward Art,” with the Aid of the Taxonomy Table

松本, 裕子  ,  松崎, 伸一  ,  内田, 雅三  ,  中村, 和世

(43)  , pp.247 - 256 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study aims to develop and implement the use of the Taxonomy Table to foster “interest, willingness, and positive attitudes” toward art and aesthetic consciousness in students from elementary to junior high schools. Based on many years of experience, we believe that a device for the arousal and formation of art appreciation needs to be innovated. With this in mind, we established the hypothesis that “interest, willingness, and positive attitudes” toward art, which are necessary for the enjoyment of creative activities and the demonstration of respect for the artistic ideas of oneself and others, can be fostered by introducing metacognitive activities. We focused, therefore, on the metacognitive area of the Taxonomy Table (Mihara version) of Art and attempted to find effective methods of instruction and evaluation. The results show that the instructional methods applied in this study were effective in fostering the students’ interest, willingness, and positive attitudes toward art.

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