Departmental Bulletin Paper 運動が「わかる」「できる」,学びを「いかす」授業の創造 : 時間・空間認知の系統表の開発
The development of a class that allows students to “understand” and “perform” exercises while allowing them to “utilize” the lessons learned : The creation of a systematic table for improving time and spatial cognition

湯浅, 理枝  ,  奥川, 和永  ,  藤本, 隆弘  ,  大上, 輝明  ,  木原, 成一郎  ,  松尾, 千秋  ,  大後戸, 一樹

(43)  , pp.239 - 246 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This research aims to develop a system for promoting the capabilities that can be acquired by playing netball games and to confirm the efficiency of the system through analyzing its practice in class. First, elementary school third grade students were asked to handle a one-hopper ball for a set duration and then to record their arrival times. Through this activity, the students were made to recognize the relative nature of effective space. Second, elementary school sixth grade students were asked to devise a game plan based on blocking strategies that considered systematic moves. Third, middle high school students were given a patterned exercise that necessitated playing closely as a team, with the aim of fostering teamwork. Future research into this system that uses athletic events as teaching tools needs to be undertaken to make the system applicable to sixth and seventh grade students.

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