Departmental Bulletin Paper 口腔衛生への気づきに何が影響を及ぼすか : 歯学部国際歯学コース学生との交流プログラムからの検討
Impact of Oral Health Awareness : A Pilot Study of an Exchange Program between International Dental Course Students and Elementary School Students

後藤, 美由紀  ,  岡, 広子  ,  天野, 紳一  ,  ,  ,  加藤, 功一

(43)  , pp.183 - 188 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
It is important to self-maintain one’s oral health during puberty. Therefore, prior to this, we need to promote oral health among schoolchildren. To address this issue, Shinonome Elementary School and the Faculty of Dentistry have collaborated to develop an exchange program that uses English to teach children about oral health. This study aims to examine the following: (1) how an international exchange program enhances the global understanding of schoolchildren and (2) how it promotes oral health among schoolchildren.  We undertook questionnaire surveys before and after the first exchange event.  The schoolchildren enjoyed the event. Moreover, it facilitated their understanding of international communication and different food cultures. Conversely, they did not pay any attention to the indirect agenda of oral health. It is suggested that oral health needs to be promoted more strongly to the children during the second event as a direct part of the agenda.

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