Departmental Bulletin Paper 文化に焦点化した「グローバル社会学習」の授業開発 : 附属小学校3校の連携を生かして
Developing a class on “global social learning” with a focus on culture : Employing cooperation of the three affiliated elementary schools

新谷, 和幸  ,  中丸, 敏至  ,  伊藤, 公一  ,  服部, 太  ,  沖西, 啓子  ,  木村, 博一  ,  永田, 忠道

(43)  , pp.153 - 162 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
We have developed a class based on global social learning, in which students can learn to recognize what national and social structures are related to the global society. This involved three areas. First, we recognized the problem of the globalization of culture, which we approached from the perspective of how global culture spreads and how it relates to the existing cultures. Second, to discover more regarding the preservation of existing cultures in a global society, analysis was undertaken to compare the characteristics of globalized culture with those of the existing cultures. Third, we showed types of global social learning where there were class development and class practice. We showed four types of learning: “INPUT: traditional culture type,” “INPUT: contemporary culture type,” “OUTPUT: traditional culture type,” “OUTPUT: contemporary culture type.”

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