Departmental Bulletin Paper ポスト国民国家へと移行する社会を読み解く次世代カリキュラムの開発研究(Ⅱ) : 生活世界の言説に着目した高校地理歴史科カリキュラムの変革
Development of a Next-Generation Curriculum for Recognizing Societal Shift in a Post Nation-State (II) : Transformation of the High School Geography/History Department Curriculum Focusing on the Discourse of the Life-World

宮本, 英征  ,  池野, 範男  ,  伊藤, 直哉  ,  草原, 和博  ,  藤原, 隆範  ,  湯浅, 清治

(43)  , pp.123 - 132 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This continued research seeks to reconstruct the curriculum for high school geography/history departments, creating a “next generation” curriculum that corresponds to the global society and the post nation-state. In this year’s study, we have emphasized the need to redevelop students’ private space to foster independence. The results showed that, first, the educational goals of the next generation geography/history department curriculum involve not only the independence of students in the nation and the society, but also the development of the civil qualities associated with independence in the private space. Second, the educational content is indicated to be one that is open to the student. Third, the teaching materials that should be used here are based on the logic of the development of civil qualities.

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