Departmental Bulletin Paper 「安全環境」について児童自らが主体的に提案するための授業構成
Creating a Lesson for Elementary School Students about the “Safe Environment”

沖西, 啓子  ,  國清, あやか  ,  服部, 太  ,  千代, 章一郎  ,  匹田, 篤二

(43)  , pp.61 - 67 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study aims to educate students about the “safe environment” (i.e., about disaster and crime prevention and traffic safety). This year, we have conducted a questionnaire survey about security and risks in the living environments (at home, on the school route, and at school), with fifth-grade students as participants (n = 38). In addition, we undertook fieldwork around the students’ school to test the efficacy of the proposal within the appropriate environment. During our workshops, we introduced the “thanks icon” to make students learn more effectively about the safe environment. From our research, we established the following: first, the “thanks icons” were more effective with inexperienced students. In other words, the students who lacked knowledge about the safe environment developed their understanding through the activity that involved this tool. Second, all the students proposed for “safe environment” in a uniform way.

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