Departmental Bulletin Paper 遊びのリスクに対する幼稚園保護者の認識の変容要因
Factors Associated with Perception Changes among Kindergarten Parents Regarding the Risks of Play

松本, 信吾  ,  杉村, 伸一郎  ,  中坪, 史典  ,  清水, 寿代  ,  金岡, 美幸  ,  久原, 有貴  ,  堀, 奈美

(43)  , pp.35 - 42 , 2015-03-26 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study investigated the changes in parents’ perception in relation to the risks associated with play before and after their children entering kindergarten. Kindergarten parents (N = 154) were asked to complete questionnaires; a factor analysis was performed on the data obtained. The results revealed that there are four key factors involved in parents’ perceptions of the risks involved in play: “dangerous evasion,” “risk management by children,” “uneasiness regarding dangerous play,” and “safety management in play.” Perceptions regarding the first three factors changed for parents after their children entered kindergarten; a certain level of risk was recognized in play activities. Watching their children participate in risky play was a major factor that influenced changes in perception according to many of the responses. In addition, for some participants, talking with the class teacher directly and/or experiencing the play area for themselves was well received, i.e., it had a greater positive effect on perceptions than letters to the parents.

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