Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員養成におけるeポートフォリオ・システムの実態と課題に関する事例研究 : 日米の2つの大学を比較検討して <教師教育・教員養成>
A Case Study on the Current Status and Issues of the E-portfolio System for Teacher Training : a comparative review between universities in Japan and the United States

岩田, 昌太郎  ,  久保, 研二  ,  生関, 文翔  ,  渡辺, 駿  ,  池浦, このみ  ,  川口, 諒  ,  高島, 亜由美  ,  宮武, 遼

21pp.163 - 172 , 2015-03-20 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
The purpose of this study was to clarify the current status and issues of the e-portfolio system, comparing the difference in using the e-portfolio system between universities in Japan and the United States. The following were revealed : 1) It was suggested that in “introducing” the e-portfolio system, it seemed reasonable to start “introducing” the system to teachers who are positive about it, then to continue dispersing the system to all the faculty members. 2) It was also suggested that through the “introduction” of the system to its “dispersion” across a university, there is a need to have some kind of “introduction course” in order to show its purpose and necessity, and the “introduction course,” plus “supervising program” would be necessary to technically aid faculty members as well as students. 3) It was suggested that in the “dispersion” of e-portfolio system, it is very important for us ① to let students recognize the benefit of the system and to give value to it as a meaningful one, and ② to create a community in which students and the faculty members utilize ICT together.

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