Departmental Bulletin Paper 家庭科教員養成課程における調理実習授業の指導力の向上に関する研究 : 学生の調理技能の実態と課題 <教師教育・教員養成>
A study on the improvement of teaching ability of cooking classes in teacher training curriculum for home economics education : Realities and problems of cooking skills of students

福田, 明子  ,  鈴木, 明子

21pp.125 - 132 , 2015-03-20 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
I investigated the reality of students’ cooking skills and analyzed the problem in order to get a suggestion to the teaching of the way of cooking skills in teacher training curriculum for home economics education. While the students want to improve their cooking skills, they rarely cook the same dish they have already learnt at school and half of the students cook by themselves only the following 2-3 days a week. The students are conscious about the satisfaction of improving their diet when they make their own meal. In addition, the evaluation of students’ kitchen knife skills, all understood the name and the shape of three basic cuts. However, some students could not cut smoothly, and some students did not know the basic way to cut them. It became clear that students were required to learn the basic cooking skills and to practice repetitively in order to improve of teaching ability of cooking classes.

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