Departmental Bulletin Paper 教職課程の概説科目におけるレポート課題の基盤知識形成効果の検証(2) : 法律学概説などの成績分布から学修過程の考察へ <教師教育・教員養成>
The Verification of Some Effects of Written Assignments on Realization of Baseline Knowledge in a General and Comprehensive Subject at Teacher-training Course (2) : the Statistical Analysis of Performances in the Introduction to Jurisprudence and so forth

畑, 浩人

21pp.115 - 123 , 2015-03-20 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
Following my last year’s report, I put the old and new data into the same statistical charts and analyzed some learning patterns and intellectual changes of students in my classes during last 4 years. Since there were little statistically significant differences between the scores of students who answered questions about the same case at the final examination as their reports’ themes and the ones of those who did questions distinct from the themes they had dealt with in their reports, it turned out that the knowledge acquired by writing a few reports was almost equal in both quality and quantity to that obtained by preparation just before examination.  In the supplementary chapter, I introduce also the performances of the simple knowledge test on separation of the powers which I got about 10 years ago in other subjects for fresh persons. As a result, the undergraduates had so wider distribution of basic knowledge that it would be difficult to set our sights strictly on the majority of students. So we, university teaching staff, must recognize the necessity to investigate their epistemic multilevel structure and sociological valuables (sex, grade, major, etc.) that would have a certain influence on their performances, and on that basis design and advance our instructions.

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