Departmental Bulletin Paper 体育授業におけるタブレット型端末を活用したグループ練習の実態 : グループ練習での学習者の気づきに焦点をあてて <学習指導法・教材およびカリキュラム開発>
Using tablets in group exercises in physical education class : Focusing on communication between children in group exercises

大後戸, 一樹  ,  久保, 研二  ,  坂田, 行平

21pp.75 - 82 , 2015-03-20 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
This study aims to clarify actual conditions under which tablets are used in group exercises in physical education classes, and to identify ways in which tablets can be effectively used to improve children’s motor skills.  Specifically, fourth graders were observed while they were performing mat exercises, and the exercise process of three groups that included three clue children with low motor skills. This study clarified the following points.  In the group that focused on the exercises of a clue child, the increase in motor skills of the clue child was presumably affected by their recognition of the difference in motion between children with high motor skills and the clue child, through a comparison of videos.  In the group that gave members time for self-assessment after exercise, another clue child improved her motion skills presumably because they exercised while they shared technical problems with other members. In contrast, in the group that was not given technical advice until the end of the class, the other clue child failed to show any improvement in these skills.  The above results indicate that it is an effective strategy to ask children to observe their motion skills by comparing their videos with those of role models, and to have them evaluate themselves as well as share technical advice with each other, using videos.

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