Departmental Bulletin Paper コラージュ作品とストレス・コーピングおよび対人ストレスの関連について <論文>
On the Relationship among Collage Work, Stress Coping, and Interpersonal Stress <Article>

臼杵, 亜衣  ,  市来, 百合子  ,  石田, 弓

(14)  , pp.173 - 181 , 2015-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
Collage therapy is a form of art therapy introduced in Japan around 1980. Based on preceding research and space symbolism, this study examined the relationship among collage work (pasting up point/pasting up contents), stress coping, and interpersonal stress. No significant correlation was found between the pasting up point and either stress coping or interpersonal stress. However, pasting up contents were found to be partially correlated with stress coping and interpersonal stress. In particular, the pasting up ratio of "vehicles" was found to have a positive correlation with confrontive coping, positive reappraisal, and interpersonal stress. It was suggested that dynamic psychological energy is more readily reflected in "vehicles," as in the interpretation of sandplay therapy. Furthermore, a negative correlation was found between confrontive coping and the pasting up ratio of "natural landscapes." This suggested that the psychological energy of confrontive coping, which expresses proactivity against difficulties, is not reflected in "natural landscapes."

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