Departmental Bulletin Paper PAC分析を用いた母子画における描画体験の検討 <論文>
Study of the drawing experience in "Mother and Child Drawings" using PAC Analysis <Article>

髙松, 優貴  ,  石田, 弓

(14)  , pp.141 - 156 , 2015-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
The drawing method is widely used in practical scenes of clinical psychology, and attention is being drawn to its therapeutic effects. This study conducted an interview survey using PAC analysis to demonstrate what type of drawing experience can be found in the drawing method, with a focus on "Mother and Child Drawings." As a result, it was demonstrated that the narratives about the internal mother-child relationship of the person who draws, the actual mother-child relationship, the family relationship, or the values of the person who draws could be obtained through conducting Mother and Child Drawings. Also, as a factor due to which various narratives were obtained, it was observed that introspection could easily deepen using PAC analysis, which has a stage of free association. Based on the above, it was suggested that when conducting a Mother and Child Drawing in a practical scene of the clinical psychology, it is therapeutically useful for the person who draws to reflect on their drawing with the interviewer by means of PAC analysis.

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