Departmental Bulletin Paper 内的テンポと外的テンポの不一致が歩行と感情に及ぼす影響 <論文>
Effects of mismatch of internal tempo and external tempo on walking and emotions <Article>

園畠, 安澄  ,  宮谷, 真人  ,  尾形, 明子

(14)  , pp.129 - 139 , 2015-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
A music tempo that does not correspond with a walking tempo results in an experience of difficulty in walking and generates unpleasant internal feelings. It has been posited that walking tempo is an internal tempo and that music tempo is an external one. We evaluated how participants felt when their internal tempo did not correspond with their external tempo. We also studied their internal tempo's influence on their walking. Twenty undergraduate students participated in the experiment. They walked on a treadmill and adjusted the speed so as to walk at the most comfortable speed. Participants' pleasure, relaxation, and anxiety while walking with or without sounds of metronome, the tempo of which was 50, 90, 140, or 180 beats per minute, were evaluated by MCL-S.2 scale. Results showed that participants felt more pleasant and relaxed when their internal and external tempos were in agreement. Conversely, participants felt more anxious when the tempos did not correspond. Walk tempo did not significantly vary with the external metronome tempo. Some factors which obscure the effects of external tempo are discussed.

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