Departmental Bulletin Paper 自己愛的脆弱性,自我脅威状況に対する認知的評価,対処方略,ストレス反応との関連 <論文>
Narcissistic vulnerability, cognitive evaluation of ego threat situation, coping strategies, and study of stress reaction <Article>

中嶋, 夕湖  ,  岡本, 祐子

(14)  , pp.99 - 127 , 2015-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
In clinical practice, an association between narcissistic vulnerability and stress has been identified. In some recent stress studies, it is reported that the relation between personal character and stress from life event will make mental health worse. In this study, the influence of and associations among cognitive evaluation, narcissistic vulnerability, the cognitive appraisal and coping, and stress reaction were examined. A survey was administered to an undergraduate university student and 3 79 graduate students. A hierarchical multiple regression analysis on the resulting data, with narcissistic vulnerability, cognitive evaluation, and coping stratagem as explanatory variables and stress reaction as a response variable were performed. Narcissistic vulnerability increased the stress response. Then, the narcissistic vulnerability subtype each varies the stress reaction. In "inhibition of self-exhibition" and "covert sense of entitlement", there are specific coping strategies which will raise or restrain stress reaction. From the above, it is important to consider coping strategies by sab types.

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