Departmental Bulletin Paper 解離性体験尺度の因子構造の検討 : 解離の下位機能をめぐって <論文>
The factorial structure of the dissociative experiences Scale : On sub-functions of dissociation. <Article>

池田, 龍也  ,  岡本, 祐子  ,  髙野, 恵代  ,  森田, 修平

(14)  , pp.59 - 69 , 2015-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
This article focuses on the factorial structure of the dissociative experience scale to elucidate the sub-functions of dissociation. An initial investigation was undertaken with 269 undergraduate students (130 male, 139 female) to illustrate the factorial structure of the dissociative experience scale. Our exploratory factor analysis data indicate that the dissociative experience scale has a two-factorial structure. A subsequent investigation with 232 undergraduate students (48 male, 184 female) confirmed this structure. The analysis data from the second investigation indicate that the factorial structure provides cross-validation. The two investigations suggest that dissociation has two sub-functions, "detachment" and "compartmentalization." Furthermore, these two sub-functions may have different functions and/or purposes. Accordingly, more research is necessary to clarify which sub-functions are efficacious in what kind of experiences.

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