Departmental Bulletin Paper 広島大学霞キャンパス出土の「広大病院」食器 <第1部 研究編: 研究2>
Porcelain with “Hirodai Byoin” mark excavated from the Kasumi Campus of Hiroshima University <Research section: Study 2>

石丸, 恵利子  ,  大近, 美穂  ,  西口, 祐子

(6)  , pp.71 - 95 , 2015-03-27 , 広島大学総合博物館埋蔵文化財調査部門
A lot of porcelain tableware stamped "Hirodai Byoin" mark was excavated from the Kasumi Campus of Hiroshima University. There is a kind of plural in tableware a bowl, a lid, a pot and a dish. "Hirodai Byoin" is pushed towards tableware respectively by blue, pink and green glaze, and a single line or a double line is drawn on the edge with the same color.  The design of the "MINO" mark entered the bottom, and these tableware understood that it was porcelain produced in Mino Ceramic Co., Ltd. It became clear that these tableware was used in a Showa period for a dining room use and the inpatients of the Hiroshima University Hospital. These ceramic ware clarify the history and the culture of the university hospital, the production district of ceramics and the circulation of the Showa period.

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