Departmental Bulletin Paper アリストテレス『トピカ』における問答法の推論とトポス
The Dialectical Deduction and Topoi in Aristotle's Topics

高橋, 祥吾

(12)  , pp.7 - 19 , 2015-03-25 , 広島大学比較論理学プロジェクト研究センター
In Topics, there are many topoi on which dialectical deduction is based. But Aristotle does not give the definition of topos in Topics, and the collection of topoi does not seem to be listed up systematically. In this paper, I try to show what is a role of topos in dialectical deduction, and by what standard Aristotle classifies topoi into several categories. Although, in Topics, Arsitotle classifies topoi into four categories which are based on four predicates (i.e. definition, genus, property, accident), he thinks that there are the most common topoi in four categories, which are called “most opportune” in Topics VII. In Rhetoric, on the other hand, Aristotle distinguishes topoi into “common” and “proper” ones. Finally, to make clear the relation of these topoi, I compare the “most opportune” topoi with “common” or “proper” topoi.

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