Journal Article Controlling Cell Fate Specification System by Key Genes Determined from Network Structure

Kobayashi, Kenji  ,  Maeda, Kazuki  ,  Tokuoka, Miki  ,  Mochizuki, Atsushi  ,  Satou, Yutaka

4pp.281 - 293 , 2018-06-29 , Elsevier BV
遺伝子ネットワークを制御してさまざまな種類の細胞を作り出す --数学的理論に基づく細胞運命の制御に成功--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2018-06-13.
Network structures describing regulation between biomolecules have been determined in many biological systems. Dynamics of molecular activities based on such networks are considered to be the origin of many biological functions. Recently, it has been proved mathematically that key nodes for controlling dynamics in networks are identified from network structure alone. Here, we applied this theory to a gene regulatory network for the cell fate specification of seven tissues in the ascidian embryo and found that this network, which consisted of 92 factors, had five key molecules. By controlling the activities of these key molecules, the specific gene expression of six of seven tissues observed in the embryo was successfully reproduced. Since this method is applicable to all nonlinear dynamic systems, we propose this method as a tool for controlling gene regulatory networks and reprogramming cell fates.

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