Journal Article Characteristic power spectrum of diffusive interface dynamics in the two-dimensional Ising model

Masumoto, Yusuke  ,  Takesue, Shinji

97 ( 5 ) 2018-05-29 , American Physical Society (APS)
We investigate properties of the diffusive motion of an interface in the two-dimensional Ising model in equilibrium or nonequilibrium situations. We focused on the relation between the power spectrum of a time sequence of spins and diffusive motion of an interface which was already clarified in one-dimensional systems with a nonequilibrium phase transition like the asymmetric simple exclusion process. It is clarified that the interface motion is a diffusion process with a drift force toward the higher-temperature side when the system is in contact with heat reservoirs at different temperatures and heat transfers through the system. Effects of the width of the interface are also discussed.

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