Journal Article Chloroplast nucleoids as a transformable network revealed by live imaging with a microfluidic device

Kamimura, Yoshitaka  ,  Tanaka, Hitomi  ,  Kobayashi, Yusuke  ,  Shikanai, Toshiharu  ,  Nishimura, Yoshiki

12018-05-17 , Springer Nature
葉緑体の染色体分離の瞬間をとらえた --葉緑体核様体の柔軟なネットワーク構造を解明--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2018-05-22.
Chloroplast DNA is organized into DNA–protein conglomerates called chloroplast nucleoids, which are replicated, transcribed, and inherited. We applied live-imaging technology with a microfluidic device to examine the nature of chloroplast nucleoids in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. We observed the dynamic and reversible dispersion of globular chloroplast nucleoids into a network structure in dividing chloroplasts. In the monokaryotic chloroplast (moc) mutant, in which chloroplast nucleoids are unequally distributed following chloroplast division due to a defect in MOC1, the early stages of chloroplast nucleoid formation occurred mainly in the proximal area. This suggests the chloroplast nucleoid transformable network consists of a highly compact core with proximal areas associated with cpDNA replication and nucleoid formation.

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