Departmental Bulletin Paper <実践報告>文章力養成のためのルーブリック活用の教育的意義の検討 --授業実践から見る教育手法--
<Educational Practice Reports>Considering the Educational Significance of Rubrics in Academic Writing: An Educational Method to Judge from Lecture Practice

西谷, 尚徳

23pp.25 - 35 , 2017-12-01 , 京都大学高等教育研究開発推進センター
Setting a standard of evaluation that corresponds to student ability is a desired value in a report thesis. Similarly, a cause for concern is the method in which the report is completed, and whether the nature of the report allows the student to understand and actively learn the elements of writing. This paper studies the rubric as both an educational practice and evaluation index that aims to make students conscious of "logicality" and "persuasion" in the context of their academic writing. An evaluation index can be shown via the rubric, making it possible for students to understand from the start a certain teaching point. Each student can set a goal or evaluative result using it, increasing their understanding of the reach of their abilities as well as encouraging self-evaluation and academic growth. Solving a practical problem in education, the use of a rubric allows students to reflect on their opinions and convictions, while offering them a supportive framework. It offers an academically motivating step-by-step educational plan that allows students to assess their own outcomes, while providing an objective guide to acquisition.

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