Departmental Bulletin Paper <実践報告>学生が自己評価基準を設定し学習内容の振り返りを行う大学授業の実践と評価
<Educational Practice Reports>Practical Study of Reflection through a Course using Students' Self-Evaluation Criteria

森, 裕生  ,  網岡, 敬之  ,  江木, 啓訓  ,  尾澤, 重知

23pp.13 - 24 , 2017-12-01 , 京都大学高等教育研究開発推進センター
This article describes a two-year design-based research of an undergraduate course. This study aims to identify the characteristics of students' self-evaluation, for which they set their own evaluation criteria. In the first year, the students evaluated their learning from the course by comparing their learning status at the beginning of the semester to that in the end. A qualitative analysis of the self-evaluation form showed that approximately 51% of the self-evaluation criteria focused on students' involvement, such as the percentage of attendance and their level of participation in group sessions in the class. In the second year, we changed the instruction in the final lesson and encouraged students to focus on their competencies and the skills acquired through the exercises in each lesson. As a result, the evaluation criteria focusing on students' attitude decreased to 13%. We found that almost all students focused on learning and applying the course content outside class. We discuss the influence of the course structure and teaching methods on students' understanding.

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