Journal Article Recapitulation of Extracellular LAMININ Environment Maintains Stemness of Satellite Cells In Vitro

Ishii, Kana  ,  Sakurai, Hidetoshi  ,  Suzuki, Nobuharu  ,  Mabuchi, Yo  ,  Sekiya, Ichiro  ,  Sekiguchi, Kiyotoshi  ,  Akazawa, Chihiro

10 ( 2 )  , pp.568 - 582 , 2018-02-13 , Elsevier BV
Satellite cells function as precursor cells in mature skeletal muscle homeostasis and regeneration. In healthy tissue, these cells are maintained in a state of quiescence by a microenvironment formed by myofibers and basement membrane in which LAMININs (LMs) form a major component. In the present study, we evaluated the satellite cell microenvironment in vivo and found that these cells are encapsulated by LMα2–5. We sought to recapitulate this satellite cell niche in vitro by culturing satellite cells in the presence of recombinant LM-E8 fragments. We show that treatment with LM-E8 promotes proliferation of satellite cells in an undifferentiated state, through reduced phosphorylation of JNK and p38. On transplantation into injured muscle tissue, satellite cells cultured with LM-E8 promoted the regeneration of skeletal muscle. These findings represent an efficient method of culturing satellite cells for use in transplantation through the recapitulation of the satellite cell niche using recombinant LM-E8 fragments.

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